Sunday, 5 January 2014

Happy New Year

Whilst some celebrate the beginning of a New Year, I tend to reflect. Not in a morose way but realise how fortunate I am to be healthy & happy with a lovely family and friends. 
What has happened since last year? It is with much anticipation that Vintage et al has opened. I was slow to move in, but the shop continues to evolve. We are fortunate to be joined by some lovely loyal friends who share a love of vintage and art.

The store is at 6, Silver Street, Warminster, BA12 8PS will be open from Tuesday (10-5) to Saturday.
We have an Artist in Residence and plan to have events, details to be published on the web-site.

In the meantime, when I look out at the weather I turn to my sewing box inspired I have many projects:

Get inspired by hats, perhaps not so grand?

As for resolutions:
1. Spend quality time with friends & family
2. Enjoy life, keep well!
3. Take more photographs!

..... & the rest. The same as last year!

HAPPY 2014.

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