Sunday, 26 February 2012

Preparing for the Artisan in the Spring Fair

I have been putting things together for the Artisans in the Spring Fair today. I found this Easter egg; unfortunately it does not open to reveal chocolate.... that is good because I have given it up for lent.
I bought a very pretty but dirty feather filled quilt. Ok until I decided to wash it. It opened in the washing machine. Two hours later I managed (I think) to save the washing machine. The quilt is shot at the top. The fabric is lovely and can be upcycled. A Versailles planter, missing a knob. My Mother-in-Law said my Father-in-Law can turn one for us. Bits of 'rescued' fabric.......... a good time was had but, I am too busy to eat & now feel fatigued.
Enjoy the warm sunny weather. Two of the chickens have laid today. the first for one since the autumn. A sign of Easter to come.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

The sun is shinning.............. the forecast for the week warm!

This is Tedwina with new eyes and a growl!

Mr C. has gone to Wales to ride with friends...... he always manages to get up early for that one. I don't blame him. A focus is a good thing.

I love 'reclaiming' things from the past. I have just acquired a rag doll. Before you say anything I am not in the habit of 'acquiring' teddies or dolls but they said something to me!

Very much a country doll, I would like to know more about her but don't know where to start.

I have just finished rereading Emily Bronte by Katherine Frank. It is a very sobering account of life for a family, seemingly pursued by death and tragedy, yet having the ability to leave behind seminal literature & accounts of their lives. Having visited Howorth, first as a child & being transfixed by the tiny books, desolate setting & hard lives the Brontes led & later on several occasions, I find the experience both sad & uplifting. To me, it is amazing that from such humble beginnings a whole other world of Gondal and subsequent stories should emerge. What would become of them if they lived in today's world?

As Katherine Franks (1990) says "But three of Patrick Bronte's children left hostages of fortune in the form of books that would endure beyond generations of descendants; especially his strangest, bravest and most gifted daughter, Emily - that 'chainless soul' who survives, 'through life and dreath', showing us that even the most meagre and solitary of lives may yield awe and beauty and sustenance for those who come long after".

On another note. I have been looking at an old copy of The Adventures of Pinocchio

The illustrations are a far cry from Disney's Pinocchio.... I know which I prefer.

Have a lovely week.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Gardening today?

A sprinking of snow.............
Looking out from the bathroom window this morning........

I love the snow but ........ this year has to be the year of the garden for me. The bones which show in winter when the herbaceous plants are dormant need clipping. You might think that you have clipped things well in the summer months but when viewed from above in the winter it is ever apparent that more needs to be done. Another few notes in the diary..........
1. Tidy the Prunus
2. Pleach the limes
3. Sew some flower & veg seeds
4. etc.etc. etc.

But the snow has saved the day!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The snow is falling all around us............

Whilst the snow is gently falling my attention turns to the spring months. For me this year is going to be the year of the garden & I am determined to finish lots of different projects I have on the go. Whilst the smow is falling outdoor gardening is out of the question for the weekend. The seed catalogues, though can be looked at. Last year this was abandoned as the hens have free range & were noticed to dig newly dug earth and push away and form of barrier to prevent them from doing so. Last year we planted a small orchard & will need to fence the girls in to save the new seedlings ~& plants. This will be difficult for all of us as they love freedom & running up to us the minute they know we are around.
Other unfinished projects, house apart, include many sewing & painting tasks. Oh, and there is inspiration which somtimes gets in the way:

This picture inspires me as I adore chrubs, though I have no designs on the garden, far too formal!
Garden journals are calling...............
Enjoy the snow & keep warm