Sunday, 4 November 2012

Artisan Fair,Vintage, interesting handmade, upcycled.....

Well, what can we say...... Times are a changing.............when staying still has a cost. Many of us have looked at life differently since the recession(s). I for one try to spend less and continue to appreciate craftsmanship, beauty, service & individuality. Do visit us at The Artisan Fair.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Beulah's Vintage Attic

Some of you may have read in a previous blog, that I moved into a space at Beulah's Vintage Attic. I am loving every minute of it. It is run by two lovely friendly ladies Julie & Paula who work tirelessly to make Beulah's Vintage Attic a success. They are so accommodating and open to suggestions and are working so hard to make the venture successful for all.
Some of the stallholders help with events and at the desk and even I get to play at shop sometimes!

This month has been particularly eventful with a Silver Screen Starlets party. It offered all the chance to dress up in vintage clothes, have your hair and make up done and photograph taken. There was a fashion show with day and evening wear, tea and cake and time to catch up with friendly people. I sat with a very interesting lady who had taken her Grandaughter. She had her hair, make up and nails done and wore a lovely 1940's style dress. She looked lovely and was clearly delighted with the result as was her Grandmother. We were given a goody bag with fashion tips for the autumn. Look out for similar events in the future. They are a great thing to do with friends.

Beulah's Vintage Attic joined The Artisan's at the Late Summer Fair in Middle Woodford on Sunday and met some interesting folk. More details on the blog:

This week saw the publication of a double page spread in Salisbury Life. Jennie Crombie has, I think, done justice to Beulah's, describing it as a wonderful place to go and telling readers that time passes very quickly in Beulah's Vintage Attic. So true!

Tonight it is the, invitation only, launch party, another chance to dress up, with a Blitz at the Ritz theme.

Next week is Salisbury Fashion Week and Beulah's will be making an appearance. Look out for details on the web-site

Beulah's is open: Monday to Friday 10-4
Saturday and Sunday 11-4
and until 8 on Thursdays

We would love to see you!

Further details can be found on the web-site and check out Facebook and Twitter for regular updates

I will return with photographs later!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Quilt of Many Dreams

Does it always pay to look before you buy?

At the April Cheese and Grain, I bought from Hesta Nesta what I thought was a bag of lovely faded fabrics. I love Jo's taste for faded fabrics. It was neatly presented and I didn't like to open up the packet. Although I realised that there was more than one pattern, I must admit to feeling disappointed when I opened it as it was part of the edge of a thick quilt with a red gingham strip sewn on to it. It measured approximately 40cm x 45cm. I played around with it thinking I would make a cushion but thought it too thick. I abandoned it in a workbox and forgot about it.

Yesterday morning, in an austerity drive and an attempt to declutter, I decided to try to complete some unfinished projects. Looking at the scrap I decided to cut it up to make some lavender hearts. To my amazement there was layer upon layer, mainly 5 deep of old faded patched fabrics.

I have yet to complete the project but to date have stuffed nine hearts with organic lavender from Provence.

Cut out eight and still have more fabric left. I would not necesarily have put some of the colours together myself but appreciate the faded nature of the fabrics and am delighted with the look even though they are yet to be finished with some of the vintage trimmings I have stored away, including buttons bought recently at Beulah's Vintage Attic

It just shows it does not always pay to look before you buy because you might not have bought it! How many more dreams could the quilt witness?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Camelia at Beulah's Vintage Attic

It is with great excitement that Camelia has finally moved in to Beulah's Vintage Attic in Shipton Bellinger, Hampshire, joining a number of stall holders who are displaying their wares. There to be found, is an interesting mix of vintage, decorative and handmade things for sale. It is a lovely place to visit with a friend to look around, enjoy a cup of tea and homemade cake and have a catch up.

Every time I have been in to set things up I have found something lovely to take home with me, from a lovely vintage dressing table dish,

filled with roses

a set of three glass dishes, perfect for strawberries in the summer

a vintage clothes press and much more.......... all were very reasonably priced and beautifully wrapped.

The attic is open from 10-4 Monday to Friday and 11-4 on Saturdays. I do hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Beulah's Vintage Attic

We have started to move into Beulah's Vintage Attic in Shipton Bellinger, Hampshire SP9 7UN Run by Paula and Julie, Beulah's is situated above Toogood & May Auctioneers. The web-site is currently being developed and there are regular updates on Facebook and Twitter.

It has been a very hot day here with mixed feelings. Whilst it has been exciting, and tiring in the heat, to shift furniture, label items etc. there have been some poignant moments. After moving some things up the stairs to the attic we rushed home to 'brush up' only to find that our timing was out! It was Oak Apple Day in Great Wishford and the procession was going past the gate........ we followed it onto the A36 where it doubled back on itself! Time was ticking. We were late for the Memorial service. The lady concerned was an amazing person & both Mr and myself thought that she would have smiled at our lack of punctuality! ....... albeit that we tried!
Lots to do but tinged with reflection on life and how fragile it is and excitement as I have coveted space like this for so long and can't wait to take my friends to tea!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A lovely Mothers Day

I had a lovely Mother's day, abeit not how I would have planned it to end.
We had The Artisan's Spring Fair which was lovely for many reasons. I have posted a piece on our blog about it. For me the best thing was that Olli had a quick portrait sketched by John Gustard. I think that he has captured the essence of him.

He is nearly 12 now (12 days to go). I can't believe it.
I have a very tatty copy of a photograph of my father, at a younger age

I can see the similarity. Perhaps that is because I know them both so well?

Unfortunately, there was a hitch later in the evening but I am pleased to say that things seems to be on the mend now.

Have a good week and I hope that the sun continues to shine for the rest of the week. The garden is bekoning.


Friday, 16 March 2012

The Easter Bunny is getting dressed up

Roberta Rabbit is going to the Artisans in the Spring Fair on Mother's Day in her best hat. She has previously been the shy retiring type, but with the addition of a new outfit is keen to meet some new people. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and Mother's day whatever you are doing.


Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Easter Rabbit has arrived early

I couldn't resist this vintage rabbit to take to the Artisans Spring fair on Mother's Day next week., though I probably won't part with him as he/she is a leggy, firmly stuffed rabbit that makes ne smile.
This week was hectic & on Friday evening I suddenly felt under pressure, time running out, too many projects to finish, family to spend time with, house & garden to organise; you know the feeling! We have a habit of wanting to make the most of everything. At times like this, I know I need to stand still and admire things around me for what they are and appreciate the important things in life.
For me, I want to transform the rabbit into an Easter Bunny......... watch this space, he/she already has a has, so pretty, & spend as much time today with my family.

Just a few of the things I have squirelled (unfortunately, saying rabbited isn't quite the same)away for Easter:

These lovely American postcards make me smile

Enjoy the sunshine today

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Preparing for the Artisan in the Spring Fair

I have been putting things together for the Artisans in the Spring Fair today. I found this Easter egg; unfortunately it does not open to reveal chocolate.... that is good because I have given it up for lent.
I bought a very pretty but dirty feather filled quilt. Ok until I decided to wash it. It opened in the washing machine. Two hours later I managed (I think) to save the washing machine. The quilt is shot at the top. The fabric is lovely and can be upcycled. A Versailles planter, missing a knob. My Mother-in-Law said my Father-in-Law can turn one for us. Bits of 'rescued' fabric.......... a good time was had but, I am too busy to eat & now feel fatigued.
Enjoy the warm sunny weather. Two of the chickens have laid today. the first for one since the autumn. A sign of Easter to come.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

The sun is shinning.............. the forecast for the week warm!

This is Tedwina with new eyes and a growl!

Mr C. has gone to Wales to ride with friends...... he always manages to get up early for that one. I don't blame him. A focus is a good thing.

I love 'reclaiming' things from the past. I have just acquired a rag doll. Before you say anything I am not in the habit of 'acquiring' teddies or dolls but they said something to me!

Very much a country doll, I would like to know more about her but don't know where to start.

I have just finished rereading Emily Bronte by Katherine Frank. It is a very sobering account of life for a family, seemingly pursued by death and tragedy, yet having the ability to leave behind seminal literature & accounts of their lives. Having visited Howorth, first as a child & being transfixed by the tiny books, desolate setting & hard lives the Brontes led & later on several occasions, I find the experience both sad & uplifting. To me, it is amazing that from such humble beginnings a whole other world of Gondal and subsequent stories should emerge. What would become of them if they lived in today's world?

As Katherine Franks (1990) says "But three of Patrick Bronte's children left hostages of fortune in the form of books that would endure beyond generations of descendants; especially his strangest, bravest and most gifted daughter, Emily - that 'chainless soul' who survives, 'through life and dreath', showing us that even the most meagre and solitary of lives may yield awe and beauty and sustenance for those who come long after".

On another note. I have been looking at an old copy of The Adventures of Pinocchio

The illustrations are a far cry from Disney's Pinocchio.... I know which I prefer.

Have a lovely week.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Gardening today?

A sprinking of snow.............
Looking out from the bathroom window this morning........

I love the snow but ........ this year has to be the year of the garden for me. The bones which show in winter when the herbaceous plants are dormant need clipping. You might think that you have clipped things well in the summer months but when viewed from above in the winter it is ever apparent that more needs to be done. Another few notes in the diary..........
1. Tidy the Prunus
2. Pleach the limes
3. Sew some flower & veg seeds
4. etc.etc. etc.

But the snow has saved the day!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The snow is falling all around us............

Whilst the snow is gently falling my attention turns to the spring months. For me this year is going to be the year of the garden & I am determined to finish lots of different projects I have on the go. Whilst the smow is falling outdoor gardening is out of the question for the weekend. The seed catalogues, though can be looked at. Last year this was abandoned as the hens have free range & were noticed to dig newly dug earth and push away and form of barrier to prevent them from doing so. Last year we planted a small orchard & will need to fence the girls in to save the new seedlings ~& plants. This will be difficult for all of us as they love freedom & running up to us the minute they know we are around.
Other unfinished projects, house apart, include many sewing & painting tasks. Oh, and there is inspiration which somtimes gets in the way:

This picture inspires me as I adore chrubs, though I have no designs on the garden, far too formal!
Garden journals are calling...............
Enjoy the snow & keep warm

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year ..............Teddy at home

Having run up a dress and resewn her eyes she is looking much better. A voice & possibly new eyes are on their way. My husband things she is a he (I am not too good at trousers without a pattern)! She is soon to have a pinafore too!

Wishing all a Happy New Year.