Saturday, 4 February 2012

The snow is falling all around us............

Whilst the snow is gently falling my attention turns to the spring months. For me this year is going to be the year of the garden & I am determined to finish lots of different projects I have on the go. Whilst the smow is falling outdoor gardening is out of the question for the weekend. The seed catalogues, though can be looked at. Last year this was abandoned as the hens have free range & were noticed to dig newly dug earth and push away and form of barrier to prevent them from doing so. Last year we planted a small orchard & will need to fence the girls in to save the new seedlings ~& plants. This will be difficult for all of us as they love freedom & running up to us the minute they know we are around.
Other unfinished projects, house apart, include many sewing & painting tasks. Oh, and there is inspiration which somtimes gets in the way:

This picture inspires me as I adore chrubs, though I have no designs on the garden, far too formal!
Garden journals are calling...............
Enjoy the snow & keep warm

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