Sunday, 26 February 2012

Preparing for the Artisan in the Spring Fair

I have been putting things together for the Artisans in the Spring Fair today. I found this Easter egg; unfortunately it does not open to reveal chocolate.... that is good because I have given it up for lent.
I bought a very pretty but dirty feather filled quilt. Ok until I decided to wash it. It opened in the washing machine. Two hours later I managed (I think) to save the washing machine. The quilt is shot at the top. The fabric is lovely and can be upcycled. A Versailles planter, missing a knob. My Mother-in-Law said my Father-in-Law can turn one for us. Bits of 'rescued' fabric.......... a good time was had but, I am too busy to eat & now feel fatigued.
Enjoy the warm sunny weather. Two of the chickens have laid today. the first for one since the autumn. A sign of Easter to come.


  1. Hi Camilla, I had a happy day at Shepton Flea Market yeaterday, buying for all the fairs coming up! I agree, Spring is here! Jane xx

  2. I am sorry that I didn't see you yesterday. It was almost too big for my liking. I bought a quilt/eiderdown which burst in the washing machine. Two hours later & three changes of filter later, the washing machine is not looking too good. The fabric, in parts shot! A lesson to be learnt. I have acquired some lovely fabric for £10!