Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Easter Rabbit has arrived early

I couldn't resist this vintage rabbit to take to the Artisans Spring fair on Mother's Day next week., though I probably won't part with him as he/she is a leggy, firmly stuffed rabbit that makes ne smile.
This week was hectic & on Friday evening I suddenly felt under pressure, time running out, too many projects to finish, family to spend time with, house & garden to organise; you know the feeling! We have a habit of wanting to make the most of everything. At times like this, I know I need to stand still and admire things around me for what they are and appreciate the important things in life.
For me, I want to transform the rabbit into an Easter Bunny......... watch this space, he/she already has a has, so pretty, & spend as much time today with my family.

Just a few of the things I have squirelled (unfortunately, saying rabbited isn't quite the same)away for Easter:

These lovely American postcards make me smile

Enjoy the sunshine today

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