Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Beulah's Vintage Attic

We have started to move into Beulah's Vintage Attic in Shipton Bellinger, Hampshire SP9 7UN http://www.beulahsvintageattic.co.uk/. Run by Paula and Julie, Beulah's is situated above Toogood & May Auctioneers. The web-site is currently being developed and there are regular updates on Facebook and Twitter.

It has been a very hot day here with mixed feelings. Whilst it has been exciting, and tiring in the heat, to shift furniture, label items etc. there have been some poignant moments. After moving some things up the stairs to the attic we rushed home to 'brush up' only to find that our timing was out! It was Oak Apple Day in Great Wishford and the procession was going past the gate........ we followed it onto the A36 where it doubled back on itself! Time was ticking. We were late for the Memorial service. The lady concerned was an amazing person & both Mr and myself thought that she would have smiled at our lack of punctuality! ....... albeit that we tried!
Lots to do but tinged with reflection on life and how fragile it is and excitement as I have coveted space like this for so long and can't wait to take my friends to tea!

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  1. Spending 24/7 setting up Beulah's for the last 6 months has all been worthwhile when lovely people like Anne walk through your door. Gorgeous stock, totally charming lady and eager to help. We are priviledged to have you on board. Julie x