Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Quilt of Many Dreams

Does it always pay to look before you buy?

At the April Cheese and Grain, I bought from Hesta Nesta what I thought was a bag of lovely faded fabrics. I love Jo's taste for faded fabrics. It was neatly presented and I didn't like to open up the packet. Although I realised that there was more than one pattern, I must admit to feeling disappointed when I opened it as it was part of the edge of a thick quilt with a red gingham strip sewn on to it. It measured approximately 40cm x 45cm. I played around with it thinking I would make a cushion but thought it too thick. I abandoned it in a workbox and forgot about it.

Yesterday morning, in an austerity drive and an attempt to declutter, I decided to try to complete some unfinished projects. Looking at the scrap I decided to cut it up to make some lavender hearts. To my amazement there was layer upon layer, mainly 5 deep of old faded patched fabrics.

I have yet to complete the project but to date have stuffed nine hearts with organic lavender from Provence.

Cut out eight and still have more fabric left. I would not necesarily have put some of the colours together myself but appreciate the faded nature of the fabrics and am delighted with the look even though they are yet to be finished with some of the vintage trimmings I have stored away, including buttons bought recently at Beulah's Vintage Attic

It just shows it does not always pay to look before you buy because you might not have bought it! How many more dreams could the quilt witness?

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  1. What a result - and they looks so pretty too! I love your idea of stuffing them full of lavender - it's one of those projects that I'd love to do, but never get around to!
    Pretty blog - delighted to have stumbled across you!
    Kind regards,
    Paula x