Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Blustery few days

A miniature whose vibrant colours make me smile

This is one of 4 miniatures which I recently acquired, all depicting a different continent, reminding me that the weather will be different in Australia this time of year!

When the weather is as blustery as it has been it makes me want to sit in front of a warm log fire and surround myself with my family, including Oban the Springer, lovely food and inspiring material (blogs have a lot to answer for). It is just as well Christmas is nearly upon us. I have yet to do anything in preparation as I have a sore throat cold & feel decidedly unwell......... Christmas will happen though! I usually function best under pressure, but I'm not sure how good it is for us, having recently read an article on meditation & how 15 minutes of meditation per day can help us to reduce the effect that stress has on our health. My father has sworn by it for years.

I have a lot of ideas for projects over the winter months using beautiful objects that would be otherwise disgarded and I will build some meditation into my daily routine ....... sounds more like a new year resolution. I will keep you informed!

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