Saturday, 31 December 2011

Post Christmas projects

I hope that you had an enjoyable & restful Christmas. Ours was spent with family & at home before returning to work on Wednesday. I never mind once I have got over having to get up at 6.30am whilst everyone else is sleeping & warm.
I very much like this time between Christmas & new year as all the ideas in my mind seem to come together & I finally have a focus.
Yesterday I saw this poor teddy, wrapped in a tiny shawl in a cabinet in an antique centre.

Her eyes are buttons ~& she has style wearing her necklace....... I had to rescue her from our Springer Spaniel who has a thing about Teddys. I could feel a growl in her tummy but it was not working. There was nothing for it but to operate..........

Her growl is beyond repair, though I have managed to find a supplier who I hope can give her a voice! Don't worry I have stiched her up in the meantime.. and much neater.
Today she has a dress (photo to follow once it has had vintage lace sewn on.......
Another installment to follow after helping my husband put up a new chandelier & paint a cupboard after having some shelves made.

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